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Iridium Prepaid Airtime Plans

Minutes IncludedPlan DescriptionValidityCost
100Iridium global 100 rollover minutes30 days$170
200Iridium global 200 rollover minutes60 days$335
300Iridium global 300 non-rollover minutes1 year$550
600Iridium global 600 rollover minutes – Best Value1 year$675
Regional PlansThese plans have geographic restrictions
200Northern Lights Alaska and Canada 200 rollover minutes – Most popular6 months$329
500Northern Lights Alaska and Canada 500 rollover minutes – Best Value1 year$650
200Latin America 200 rollover minutes6 months$299
500Middle East and Africa 500 rollover minutes1 year$450

Free shipping on all SIM card purchases. SIM cards are activated on the spot and ready to use before you leave. We can also schedule your SIM card to be activated at a later date. After expiration you may reactivate you service for up to 9 months, perfect for seasonal use.